IBPS - A Tough Path of Banking Careers for Graduates & Post Graduates

Normally, It is recommended to have a backup plan (unless you’re rich then you can do whatever you want). But, middle class & poor students must have a backup plan. IBPS has a success rate of less than 1% and even if you work hard, study everything and fully prepare for exam, there is still “Luck Factor” which can really destroy everything. You may fall sick before exam, score 1 mark less than cutoff, reach late to the examination, anything, there are a lot of variables in life and you should be prepared to handle the situation if something doesn’t go as per your plan.

Your backup may be related to your field. I was a graduate student and wanted to clear IBPS. I had a backup plan of Private Banks Job Course and it was my lifeline. I failed to clear IBPS but my backup plan kicked in and I got into a Private Bank through Guidance and My Hard Work. I am from a middle class family and I cannot afford to remain unemployed for long. I grabbed the first opportunity I got and I am still holding on to it.

Your backup should be similar. The easiest way to decide a backup is based on your qualifications. If you’re a graduate, post graduate or BEd , Keep the Private banking job oriented course as other your backup. This private banking sector will keep growing upwards for next couple decades keeping the banking penetrations in our country.

Having a backup gives us peace of mind and reduces frustration. 99% candidates fail IBPS and if they don’t have backup plans, Some of them get too depressed to carry on their studies or do not have any other options due to over age.

But, having a backup has its disadvantages. Take it from a guy who is stuck in his backup plan. I have my personal reasons and I’ve still not lost hope. But to all those in preparation, Don’t get too comfortable when you succeed in one of your backup plans. Keep struggling, Don’t rest till you leave those 99% behind.

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